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Fiber laser technology has become an increasingly popular technology for many applications due to its high beam quality and excellent efficiency.

Fiber laser engraving is a process by which items such as metals, plastics, and other materials can be permanently marked. Fiber laser engraving works by using a laser beam of high energy that is focused on the surface of the item, which in turn melts and vaporizes the material, creating a permanent image or design. This process has the advantage of being able to operate without any contact with the surface of the item, meaning that there is no risk of damage to the surface of the product. The high speed and depth of the laser beam as well as the low energy used allows for both intricate designs and deep engraving which would not be possible with traditional engraving techniques.

 Lasermarking SG offer engraving services such as industrial tagging, tumbler engraving, leather engraving and metal products engraving.

Laser Engraving- LASERMARKING SG
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